Towards Responsible STEM Education 2019


Since its foundation in 2010, Center for the promotion of science has directed its work towards the educational system, and developed an exceptional cooperation and partnerships with a number of individuals and institutions in Serbia, region, and throughout Europe. The biggest number of the Center’s program activities has been intended for schools, students and their instructors, namely set as a support to the formal educational system. At the end of 2016, the Center began to work on shaping and actualization of a new concept – Scientific education for a responsible society – which would enable the elementary and secondary school teachers and instructors in Serbia to get acquainted with the new pedagogical models of the STEM education (STEM: science, technology, engineering and mathematics). Joining of the Center to the European Scientix project coincided with the beginning of this concept, which alleviated greatly the formal approach of Serbia to the greatest online community of STEM teachers in Europe. The goals of the Scientix project – developing STEM disciplines and competencies, offering support for the instruction of STEM subjects, online resources, courses, webinars, and other events – correspond in its entirety to the envisioned framework and values which stood as inspiration for getting the Scientific education for a responsible society project off the ground.
Since 2017, when the Center became the national Scientix contact point for Serbia, around 40 diverse programs were held throughout the country, where we worked dedicatedly together with the Scientix ambassadors on raising awareness about the importance and relevance of STEM disciplines in contemporary education, as well as on presenting the possibilities that Scientix offers to the instructional advancement. The Scientix ambassadors, among which there are 28 instructors from throughout Serbia, have worked for years on transferring their experiences with this European project, as well as on instigating other instructors to join the community and contribute with their own experiences, knowledge, and activities. The third cycle of the Scientix project will in Serbia be concluded by the international conference “Towards a responsible STEM education,” which will be held in Hotel Zira in Belgrade, on February 22nd and 23rd, 2019. At the two-day event, the participants will have the opportunity to hear numerous local and foreign lecturers, as well as to participate in various STEM workshops. The conference will cover a wide range of topics, and present projects and STEM initiatives in the area of formal and informal scientific education. The conference is designed as a platform for exchange of information and ideas about the practical implementation of various projects in the STEM subjects instruction, as well as for the preparation of project applications, and other types of connecting and networking.

Attendance at the conference is free.

Speaker’s presentations from the conference are available on this link.