Climate Change and Natural Disasters Awareness Raising using Virtual Worlds

This project aims to foster environmentally conscious citizens who make sustainable choices and reduce their carbon footprint. It promotes sustainability education by integrating STEAM subjects with digital tools, including the creation of a 3D sustainability game, a VR course on eco-friendly schoolyards, and a microclimate chart. Additionally, teacher training sessions and a European contest for sustainable schoolyards are planned to raise awareness and enhance STEAM education.

Project Information

Funding source: Erasmus+

Duration: 12/2023 – 06/2026

Website: /

Contact: Jovana Jankov – jjankov@cpn.rs


University of Thessaly, Greece


VRAcademi Limited, Ireland

16th Experimental Primary School of Lamia, Greece

Primary and secondary school with boarding school “Petro Kuzmjak”, Ruski Krstur, Serbia

National Technical University of Athens, Greece

Center for the Promotion of Science, Serbia

Project Description

The project addresses sustainability awareness, fosters positive attitudes towards STEAM subjects, and enhances the professional development and digital literacy of teachers. Through the integration of STEAM subjects with a positive approach, digital transformation, and cutting-edge technology, teachers and students will engage in innovative activities. The project involves the development of a 3D game addressing sustainability issues, the creation of a microclimate chart, and a Virtual Reality (VR) course where students design sustainable schoolyards and discuss environment-friendly choices. Teacher training sessions will be conducted for the VR course, and an European contest for the most sustainable ED-designed schoolyard will be organised. Additionally, two Learning, Teaching, and Training (LTT) sessions will be organised in partner schools in Serbia and Greece.

The Role of CPN

The main role of the CPN is the organisation of the schools' Contest at the European level, by leading the work package 4. Primary and secondary school pupils from all over Europe will be invited to create a sustainable school playground with the lowest carbon footprint using 3D tools, with the possibility to upload it into the virtual world, a computer-simulated environment.