Realizing potentials of nature-based climate shelters in school environments for urban transformation

COOLSCHOOLS project aims to investigate the projects being carried out in playgrounds and school environments in Barcelona, Brussels, Paris and Rotterdam. The actions taking place within the framework of this pioneering project aim to understand the factors and potential of these interventions for driving socio-ecological changes towards urban sustainability, climate resilience, social justice and quality education, and to make the educational community a driving force in municipal districts.

Project Information

Source of Funding: JPI Urban Europe

Project Duration: 04/2022 – 03/2025


Contact: Dobrivoje Lale Erić –


Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Spain


Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium

University of Twente, Netherlands

University of Antwerp, Belgium

Hasselt University, Belgium

National Center for Scientific Research, France

European Schoolnet, Belgium

Brussels Environment, Belgium

Affiliated Partners

Paris City Hall, France

Barcelona City Council, Spain

El Globus Vermell, Spain

City of Rotterdam, Netherlands

Stichting Springzaad, Netherlands

IVN Natuureducatie, Netherlands


Center for the Promotion of Science, Serbia

Project Description

COOLSCHOOLS project has been launched to design possible social strategies that can contribute to mitigating and adapting to climate change and improving the quality of life of citizens and of children, in particular. The three-year study examines the transformative potential of nature-based solutions in European school environments by launching various actions based on developing climate shelters in schools. The cornerstone of this approach are nature-based solutions. They make the most of services provided by ecosystems to meet the challenges we currently face, including climate change or pollution. For example, they look to increase green and shaded areas, use more sustainable and environmentally friendly materials or provide greater access to water.

The Role of CPN

CPN participates in the project as an affiliated entity focusing on the dissemination and further exploitation of project methodology and outcomes. Additionally, due to its existing projects and practices, like TeRRIFICA and Scientix-based Eco-STEAM Challenge, the CPN will provide access to local experiences and useful knowledge about the school climate transformation and adaptation measures and actions throughout Serbia.