Network of financial managers

Network of financial managers of international projects

In cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, CPN launched in June 2015 an open call for training of financial managers of international projects. There were 150 applications from which 22 participants were selected after the selection process and interviews. Between September and December the selected candidates passed the training consisting of a theoretical and practical (1 month) part working with mentors on EU-funded projects nationwide. 20 candidates successfully completed the programme and they make up the informal Network of financial managers of EU-funded projects in Serbia.

The training was dedicated to leading European programmes like H2020, Erasmus+ and Creative Europe. The concept of training allowed the participants to learn about the basics of management in international projects, the scope of work of the Department for International Projects of the Ministry and good practice examples in Serbia. The focus was on budget development in project applications and financial implementation of international projects in Serbia. Guest lecturers during the training included experts from partner institutions from Austria, Slovenia and Greece.

After the training, the CPN started organizing events throughout the country promoting the Network of financial managers and the numerous opportunities of applying for project funding and work on projects in Serbia. If you would like us to visit you, just send a request to the email below and schedule the visit!