TinkerLib endeavours to revolutionise informal education organisations, transforming them into inclusive and equitable learning spaces that empower adult learners traditionally marginalised within these environments, enabling them to cultivate 21st-century skills. Through a mutual learning framework, local training sessions, and tailored activities, the project seeks to empower excluded communities and raise awareness.

Project Information

Funding source: Erasmus+

Duration: 10/2023 – 09/2025

Project Website:  www.museoscienza.it/tinkering-europe/

Contact: Jovana Jankov – jjankov@cpn.rs


Association Traces, France


NEMO Science Museum, Netherlands 

Science Center Netzwerk, Austria 

Fondazione Museo Nazionale Della Scienza E Della Tecnologia Leonardo Da Vinci, Italy 

Département De Seine Et Marne, France 

Per Leggere – Biblioteche Sud Ovest Milano, Italy 

Stichting Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam , Netherlands 

Rural Cultural Centre Markovac, Serbia 

Center for the Promotion of Science, Serbia

Project Description

TinkerLib is led by informal adult educators from two main backgrounds: the “world of sciences” (science centres & museums, informal science learning organisations, etc.), and the “world of books” (libraries, artists collectives and cultural facilities, etc.) The project's implementation involves establishing a mutual learning framework to assess partner practices, conducting local trainings and workshops to acquaint consortium members with Tinkering pedagogy, language skills activities, and storytelling. Additionally, TinkerLib will design, adapt, and pilot activities tailored for excluded communities while simultaneously raising awareness and disseminating project outcomes through a multilingual website and organised events. One of the project results include the creation of local networks consisting of libraries and science centres, in order to be more open to diverse audiences, implement activities created during the project and develop new tools. The local hub in Serbia consists of CPN and Rural Cultural Center Markovac ("Ekatarina Pavlović" library), an informal association focused on working with rural audiences through the use of dramatic methods, bibliotherapy and other inclusive activities.

The Role of CPN

CPN leads the Work Package 4 "Dissemination and awareness raising", and contributes to the project through expertise in the field of science education and communication. The activities include trainings of librarians and science educators, strengthening communication among diverse groups and audiences involved in the activities, encouraging cooperation and exchange of knowledge between partners, and improving the visibility of the project to the general public.