Virtual World of Awareness and Learning on Information Security

The V-ALERT project is working on developing an information security culture in different ICT target groups. It is mainly intended for primary and secondary school students, their teachers and parents.

Project Information

Source of Funding: Lifelong Learning (LLP) Programme, European Commission

Project Duration: 11/2013 – 01/2016

Project Website: v-alert.eu


Hellenic Open University, Greece


Department of Computer Science, University of Cyprus, Cyprus

Faculty of Science, University of Split, Croatia

Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Bulgaria

Besecure, Cyprus

Center for the Promotion of Science, Serbia

Project Description

The V-ALERT project is developing the concept of Internet security culture among different ICT user target groups such as primary and secondary school students and their teachers, ICT students, and higher education professors, as well as ICT company employees. The project aims to raise awareness about the importance of this subject and organise training courses by using innovative and immersive e-learning tools which provide a complete experience of being in a virtual world.

During the implementation of the project, an online 3D virtual world learning environment platform was developed. This platform simulates real-life Information Security threats, thus allowing users to gain first-hand experience regarding possible risks and threats. The V-ALERT approach is based on the “learning by doing” pedagogical method which increases learner’s motivation and leads to a deeper understanding and adoption of the recommended model.