LEVERS – Learning Ventures for Climate Justice 

The LEVERS project will work on connecting education and climate justice through forming Learning Ventures as educational models in order to assist combating climate change challenges. There will be nine Learning Ventures demonstrator regions meant to support stakeholders to develop climate justice projects while offering real-world learning experience.

Project Information

Source of funding: EU Horizon Europe programme 

Project duration: 03/2023 – 02/2026

Website: leversforclimate.eu

Contact: Katarina Stekić – kstekic@cpn.rs


Trinity College Dublin, Ireland


Stickydot, Belgium

Center for Social Innovation, Cyprus

Forth Together CIC, United Kingdom

Latra Innovation Lab, Greece

University College London, United Kingdom

Onl’Fait, Switzerland

Sociedade Afonso Chaves-Associacao de Estudos Acoreanos, Portugal

Kersnikova, Slovenia

European Association for the Education of Adults, Belgium

Center for the Promotion of Science

Project Description

The climate crisis represents a vast issue with complex social and scientific challenges. Education plays a crucial role in combating these grand challenges and can provide greater scientific literacy and engagement across society. There is an urgent need for connected, system-wide responses that include distinct perspectives and take into account the different needs of stakeholders while centering social justice and care. In order to do so, education needs to holistically incorporate flexibility, inclusiveness and lifelong learning into models for education. Climate justice represents the focus of LEVERS project since it involves all communities and stakeholders, intersects socio-scientific issues, and can leverage engagement in science education. By creating Learning ventures, the LEVERS project provides an educational model for comprehensive science learning through stakeholder partnerships. These partnerships are jointly exploring challenges and creating science learning experiences in order to address local issues.

There are nine Learning ventures demonstrator regions in which various stakeholders are supported to develop climate justice projects while offering real-world learning experiences. On the other hand, the capacity building and mentoring programme will ensure guidance and role models across Learning Ventures while linking research and innovation with education. Furthermore, LEVERS will provide a Learning Framework and Field Guide that will serve as a tool to enable partnership model adaptation for other regions and their challenges. Last but not least, guides for industry engagement, business models, and policy recommendations will support the transformation of science education in Europe.

The Role of CPN

LEVERS has six work packages which are meant to establish, empower, activate, grow, shape, and guide Learning ventures as focal points of the project. The CPN is included in every work package, contributing to the establishment, building skills and capacity to deliver innovative science learning through a learning venture model in Serbia. Furthermore, CPN is co-designing locally relevant learning interactions related to climate change, as well as supporting sharing of the learnings of the project with external educators and professionals.