ReConNeCt Restart 3.0

ReConNeCt Restart 3, European Researchers’ Night project

Main goals of the project are focusing on increasing researchers’ recognition in Serbia, as well as on their involvement in open and public interactions with the audience. Diversity of project partners, both with scientific and cultural backgrounds, expands a general view about how and why science and researchers are important for society. The project puts in focus a research work on current global topics and burning issues humanity is facing, where citizens are each year engaged in the research process itself. This project in particular offers an opportunity to crack the door open and, in a methodical and dedicated manner, spark a spirit of research that hides in us all, as well as to inspire young audiences to consider career possibilities in the fields of science.

Project Information

Grant agreement: European Commission Horizon 2020 programme, Marie Curie subprogramme

Implementation period: 06/2021 – 02/2022


Contact: Danijela Vučićević –


Creative Educational Center Novi Sad


University of Novi Sad
Technical College of Applied Studies Subotica
Association of Science Communicators
Center for the Promotion of Science, Serbia

Description проjекта:

Project entitled ReConNeCt Restart 3 (REsearch, CONnections, NEtworks and CulTure − Use of Projects, Games, Research and Digital in Education) builds on previous experience acquired through the ReConNeCt project, which run in 2019 and 2020. After huge changes caused by the global pandemic, the main idea is to gather researchers and the public of all ages in a heterogeneous environment − at live events, as well as events advanced by virtual and augmented reality. Since each new decade always represents change and modernisation, we want digital science to be the main topic of the Researchers’ Night 2021. Putting the digital in focus of our program reflects trends and interests of the new generations that will create and reflect the future. Digital and virtual certainly exceed physical and spatial barriers, thus increasing the impact on young audiences which nowadays mostly communicate in a digital world.

The Role of CPN

During the Researchers’ Week, CPN coordinates activities of science clubs in Kikinda and Šabac. Gathering and connecting local universities, school communities, research institutions, museums, educational centers, and other organisations, we aim at encouraging mutual dialogue, as well as showing how vital and important each actor’s participation is. Through interactive content and a multidisciplinary approach, a special focus is on raising awareness about the openness and relevance of science for each individual.