Bio Awaking

Developing Bio Art Practice in the Western Balkans

The overall goal of this project is to co-create, adopt, and disseminate environment-friendly practices and artistic productions in the field of bio art and raise awareness of sustainable development in line with the European Green Deal across Europe, with а focus on Western Balkans. The objective is to produce and showcase innovative and engaging formats of bio art installations using art, science, and technology. Through the project, direct participants will have intercultural and artistic exchange, and space to discover new practices in bio art.

Project Information

Source of funding: EU Programme Creative Europe

Project duration: 12/2023 − 11/2025

Project Website:

Contact: Bojan Kenig, PhD -


Citizens' Association Reaktor, Serbia


Kersnikova Institute, Slovenia

Universal Research Institute (UR Institute), Croatia

Greenways Association, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Center for the Promotion of Science

Project Description

Europe, as a shared natural environment, is facing significant environmental challenges. The territory of Western Balkans, being one of the areas particularly exposed to pollution, becomes a focal point for positive change to which the project aims to contribute. In collaboration with partners from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, and Croatia the project seeks to explore environmental protection issues by engaging a broader professional, artistic, and activist community. Advocating for sustainable development through participatory bio art installations, Bio Awaking aims to raise awareness of the role art can play in sustainability processes.
The main activities of the project include the Bio Art Forum, two "do-it-yourself" online bio art workshops, two study visits to Ljubljana and Dubrovnik, a mobile laboratory science-art programme, and two bio art exhibitions at festivals in Serbia (Novi Sad) and Bosnia and Herzegovina (Pecka).
The specific objectives of the project include developing a network of bio artists across Europe, strengthening the capacities of European artists in utilizing biomaterials, and creating bio art installations using environmental samples. Additionally, the project will focus on involving decision-makers in all phases of the process, fostering an audience for bio art that supports environmental conservation, and nurturing cultural, artistic, and educational collaboration in addressing environmental challenges in Europe and the Balkans.

The Role of CPN

Center for the Promotion of Science leads the Communication and Dissemination work package. Within this package, except for general PR and media activities, the special feature represents the planting of cloned trees in countries involved in the project. CPN is also in charge of creating and running the central event of the project, the Bio Art Forum in May 2024 in Novi Sad. This event aims to stimulate dialogue on the challenges and perspectives of bio art, fostering interdisciplinary collaboration and innovative application of biotechnologies through expert discussions, interactive workshops, and discussions during three conference days.