Science Meets Parliaments 2019

The House of the National Assembly of Serbia, Small Hall

On the 10th of July, 2019, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, and under the patronage of the Joint Research Centrе (JRC) of the European Commission, The Center for the Promotion of Science, for the first time in Serbia, organizes an event under the title Science Meets Parliaments in the House of the National Assembly of Serbia, dedicated to the climate changes and their complex effects.

The Joint Research Center (JRC) of the European Commission is a renowned European institution that unites scientists and researchers in their effort to contribute to an improved role of science in making decisions and creating policies. In 2015, in collaboration with the European Parliament, JRC launched the program Science Meets Parliaments which aimed at enhancing the idea about a necessary relationship and joint action between politicians and scientific and research community. So far, this event has been held only in the member states of the European Union, this being the first time its organization is entrusted to a country outside of the EU.

In Serbia, Science Meets Parliaments is held on the national Science day, with the aim to have, on the one hand, meeting of the science and the researchers, and on the other, members of the parliament and local self-government and the decision makers, as well as the city association representatives. The debate event is conceived to spur the dialogue among all the parties and to open up new points of view about the importance and the position of science in making political decisions and regulations. The main theme of the program is dedicated to the dramatic influence the climate changes have on society, that is, the need of an urgent reaction and the appropriate adjustment of society. In addition to the opening address, the main program consists of three panel discussions with the topics: ”Renewable sources of energy”, ”Climate changes affect water”, and ”Air quality and greenhouse gases”.

The Center for the Promotion of Science participates, as well, in the European project TeRRIFICА (Territorial Responsible Research and Innovation Fostering Innovative Climate Action), funded through the Horizon 2020 program, the realization of which they will be working on in the next three years together with the partners from Germany, France, Spain, Belarus, and Poland. The aim of the project is to create a constructive dialogue among the scientific and industrial community, civil society, and policy creators, in order to develop necessary social and technological innovations, procedures, and methodologies in the context of climate changes, social adjustment and the avoidance or reduction of damaging effects. Having in mind a tight relationship between the TeRRIFICА project and the topic of the Science Meets Parliaments event, the Center secured an active participation of all the partners in the organization and realization of this event in Belgrade.