Education for Digital Economy

The "Ana and Vlade Divac" Foundation and the Center for the Promotion of Science are implementing the Education for Digital Economy project with the aim of improving the conditions and competencies for the implementation of integrative STEAM teaching in Serbia through the prism of digital technologies and economic literacy. The key segments of the projects are STEAM camps for students, providing equipment for schools, improving the competences of teachers, as well as increasing interest and understanding of the STEAM field through organised visits to CPN events.

Project Information

Funding source: NCR Foundation
Project duration: 05/2023 – 12/2024
Контакт: Алекса Васић –


“Ana and Vlade Divac" Foundation


Center for the Promotion of Science

Project Description

Education for Digital Economy is a continuation of the Education for Digital Society project, which was implemented in 2022. During 2023 and 2024, three STEAM camps will be held, which will cover popular topics in education that have not yet received enough attention, such as the AI, robotics, machine learning and biotechnology. In addition to the camps, more than 1,000 students will have the opportunity to visit the CPN’s events, such as the May Month of Mathematics and the Researchers’ Night, where they will participate in workshops related to the theme of the camps.
In addition to activities for students, the project also provides professional training for teachers through workshops that will be held across Serbia. The themes of the workshops are developing STEAM disciplines and competencies, providing peer support in teaching STEAM subjects, introducing teachers to online resources, courses, webinars and other events that can enable them to improve their teaching skills and methodology.

The Role of CPN

The Center's activities are related to supporting the work and active networking of primary and secondary school teachers through the STEAM educational format. The Center will design a program of workshops and hold workshops for teachers across Serbia. CPN will also design and organise camps to improve students' knowledge and interest in STEAM disciplines.