Science Education for Responsible Society

Under the concept of Science Education for a Responsible Society, the Center for the Promotion of Science has developed a programme intended for teachers and aimed at creating an environment for learning and science discovery in which everyone is welcome to ask questions, explore, experiment and create new knowledge. As the national contact point of the largest European network of STEM teachers − Scientix, CPN’s idea is to connect teachers, their practices and experiences, while promoting STEM disciplines (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), new pedagogical approaches, cooperation and project financing through various European funds.

The programme is implemented using the resources and developed practices of several European projects in which the CPN has been participating: SySTEM 2020, ODDYSEy, CREATIONS, Hypatia, STEM School Label, etc. Our desire is to introduce educators to these projects and invite them to get involved in the activities they find relevant and applicable.