BESTPRAC is an initiative aimed at improving administrative support for transnational research projects by means of creating a network of research administrators.

Project Information

Grant agreement: COST

Project duration(for CPN): 01/2018 – 10/2019

Project Website:

Contact: Marina Kostic –

Members of the network

Individuals from 37 COST countries

Action coordinator: Andjela Pepic

Working group leaders

Administration Working Group: Edwin Kanters

Finance Working Group: Marija Sola Spasic

Legal Affairs Working Group: Sarah Dello

Project Description

BESTPRAC is a network which gathers administrative, financial and legal staff at universities and research institutions who carry out different tasks of supporting projects funded by the European Union. The main goal of the network is to serve as a platform for exchanging of experience, developing best practices and improving efficiency in the field of research administration. The network is divided into 3 groups dealing with administration, finance and legal affairs. The Administration Group covers issues related to the overall management of externally funded research projects, including pre-and post-funding phases. The Finance Group addresses issues related to the financial aspects of the preparation and implementation of European projects, while the Legal Affairs Group deals with issues related to the legal framework of the projects.

The Role of CPN

The Center for the Promotion of Science actively participates in the monitoring and organisation of workshops, training schools and courses in the field of financial management in international projects. Within the BESTPRAC project, CPN organised a training called “How to manage key financial tasks for H2020 European research and innovation projects: Finance for Beginners”, held in June 2018. The engagement of the Center is directly linked to an on-going initiative provided through the “Network of Financial Managers of EU funded projects”.