V4+WB RMA Network

V4+WB RMA Network is an initiative for supporting and strengthening the network of Research Managers and Administrators (RMAs). Funded by the International Visegrad Fund, the partnership led by HETFA will focus on the V4 (Poland, Czech, Slovakia and Hungary) and Western Balkan countries (Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and North Macedonia) to improve their overall participation in the EU funded programmes for research and innovation, including the novel Horizon Europe framework.

Project Info

Funded by the International Visegrad Fund

Implementation period: 11/2020 − 04/2022

Website: https://hetfa.eu/international-projects/v4wb-rmas/

Контакт: Марина Костић − mmatovic@cpn.rs


HETFA Research Institute Ltd, Hungary


Silesian University of Technology, Poland

Centre for Knowledge and Technology Transfer, Charles University, Czech Republic

Slovak University of Technology, Slovakia

University of Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina

INTER-EDU–Association for Internationalization of Education and Science, North Macedonia

Center for the Promotion of Science, Serbia

Project Description

The project aims to strengthen the network of Research Managers and Administrators (RMAs) from Visegrad Four (V4) and Western Balkan (WB) countries, in order to contribute to their more successful participation in the following EU funded Research and Innovation (R&I) Framework Programme, Horizon Europe (HE). 

The project seeks to decrease the excellence and networking gap within the region by improving the skills of RMAs and researchers and by reinforcing the network of RMAs at regional level. The first aim will be fulfilled by a series of webinars offered by partners and invited experts, while the second will be realised based on a new platform, providing networking functions and learning materials for interested staff members working on the interface of science. The main topics covered will include discussing legal and financial issues connected to the HE projects, science communication, intellectual property protection and management – and many more.

The Role of CPN

CPN coordinates the overall communication and dissemination of the project, and contributes to the organisation of webinar series and the final V4+WB RMA Network Conference. CPN is in charge of the production of learning materials connected to webinars, project events and topics, as well as of gathering contacts and reach out to potential users of the Learning Material Platform. Another important communication and dissemination task is to share and publish project content and outcomes through designated social media.