Development of STEAM Education

The DoSE project aims at improving current integrative STEAM approaches and practices (Engl. STEAM – science, technology, engineering, art, mathematics) and providing resources and tools for teachers and education professionals to develop STEAM strategies at the school level.

Project Information

Source of Funding: Erasmus + European Commission programs

Implementation period: 10/2020 – 01/2023

Contact: Marjana Brkic -


National Agency for Education, Lithuania


Vilnius University, Lithuania

Klaipėda University, Lithuania

University of Turku, Finland

Katholieke Hogeschool Vives Zuid, Belgium

Paderborn University, Germany

Radboud University, Netherlands

Tallinn University, Estonia

Center for the Promotion of Science

Project Description

The goal of the DoSE project is to support schools across Europe in improving existing STEAM approaches by adding carefully selected artistic elements, as well as to encourage the youth to approach science, to develop scientific knowledge and to opt for scientific careers. One of its main activities is to develop a necessary set of tools for schools to involve students, teachers and other community members in the development and appropriation of STEAM projects and strategies. By providing relevant guidance and support for these innovative activities at the national level, the project will expand the network of STEAM schools in order to include not only teachers, but also other stakeholders such as research centers, NGOs, non-formal educational centers, etc.

The Role of CPN

CPN is in charge of the work package / intellectual output that aims at mapping and collecting valuable existing practices of STEAM education at the European level. The Center is also actively presenting and disseminating project activities and resources within the educational community of Serbia.