Scientix IV

Scientix is the largest European network that promotes and supports international collaboration between STEM educators, (in)formal education researchers and other professionals, educational policies and decision makers. Its aim is to support novel pedagogical approaches and to improve STEM education. The Scientix platform offers diverse resources for teachers and education professionals – guidebooks, workbooks and individual projects, that can be assessed as examples of good practice.

Project Information

Source of Funding: Horizon 2020 European Commission Programme

Трајање пројекта: 09/2020 – 03/2023


Contact: Dobrivoje Lale Erić –


European SchoolNet, Belgium

Project Description

The Scientix project primarily addresses teachers in STEM domains (STEM  science, technology, engineering and math) in order to support and promote their work through an online platform. This platform was created for the cooperation and exchange of ideas and experiences between education professionals from Europe and worldwide. In parallel, the Scientix network brought together a large number of ministries of education, in order to have an impact on the creation of educational policies and the transformation of education in accordance with the general development of the European society.

The Role of CPN

Since 2017, CPN has been the National Contact Point of the Scientix project for Serbia. Its second term began in September 2020 and will last until December 2022. CPN mainly serves as a meeting point of STEM professionals and practitioners by providing them with the opportunity and support for professional development. The aim of these activities is to foster both formal and non-formal STEM practices, and to link local initiatives with activities at the national and European level. In addition, the Center is also responsible for the cooperation with the competent ministry in order to improve the position and perspectives of STEM within schooling system. Together with 30 elected ambassadors - teachers from Serbia, CPN will organise workshops, presentations and conferences with the focus on new pedagogical approaches and resources that can be useful for teachers in their work.