Serbian language at the universities throughout the world

The Center for the Promotion of Science in cooperation with Dr. Dragana Grbić from the Institute of Slavic Studies at the University of Cologne and the Faculty of Philology of the University of Belgrade launched a new series of debates dedicated to the study of Serbian as a foreign language taught at universities worldwide. The first panel was held on 4 April 2018 at the CPN’s Science Club, and was later followed by a series of events related to the same topic. At the moment, when Slavic studies remain in the shadow of "profitable" linguistic groups (sinology, Japanology, Oriental studies or Hispanic studies for example), and when, according to recent statistical surveys, the number of departments at European universities in which Serbian is studied as a foreign language has almost reduced by half in the last 15 years, the promotion of the study of our language and culture, both in the professional audience and the wider public, is an important aspect of both scientific and cultural promotion. Where is the place of South Slavic studies within the academic programme Slavic Studies and other philological studies? How to motivate students at foreign universities to opt for Slavic studies and Serbian as a foreign language? How to approach non-native speakers in terms of linguistic methodology? What resources does digital humanism offer for promotion and learning of Serbian as a foreign language? What are the challenges of developing textbooks, dictionaries and designing digital portals for language learning and networking of lecturers? These are just some of the issues to be discussed the series of debates: Serbian language at universities worldwide. In order to highlight the above issues, the most distinguished domestic experts, university professors and scientific researchers will participate in these panels.


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