Climate Capsule

The Climate capsule is an experimental, mobile and modular installation conceived as an intensive experience that provides visitors with a layered perspective of climate change through scientific facts, artistic interventions and multimedia content.

The presented content establishes a space for dialogue between scientists, artists and citizens on the topic of future scenarios of climate change. Through a view of the dystopian scene from the future, a narrative was created that initiates the subjective experience of the announced аpocalypse and the readiness to face the consequences of climate change. This scientific and artistic platform is a direct call to climate action by all citizens, and reminds us of the uniqueness of the position and actions of each of us. 

Аfter the visitors leave the capsule, they are asked to “send” a message into the future in form of a voice-recorded input. The visitors also have the opportunity to write a postcard to someone they know with a message on how they can help prevent the climate apocalypse. The postcard is then left in a postbox and is physically sent to the written address by CPN. This additional element prevents the visitors from leaving with negative thoughts and emphasizes the importance of taking action.

The Climate Capsule was designed as an experimental approach that would regularly be reexamined through reflective practice, changing its form, content and program until 2030. Its focus is on observing and reviewing the implementation of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, as a global and generally-accepted mechanism for achieving a more sustainable and the only possible future.

The capsule will be installed in аt least ten countries of Southeast Europe by 2026, as part of the Climateurope2 Project.

The creative team behind the Climate capsule:

  • Dobrivoje Lale Erić, CPN - concept and project formation
  • dr Marjana Brkić, CPN - program and creative direction
  • Мирјана Утвић, ЦПН – креативна дирекција, сценографија  и продукција
  • Prof. dr Vladimir Đurđević, Fizički fakultet Univerziteta u Beogradu - scientific concept and review
  • Nenad Gajić - creator of the kinetic sculpture
  • dr um. Marko Stojanović - composition and sound design 
  • Monika Lang - visual identity and illustration
  • Filip Mikić - video documentation and edit
  • Petar Brkić - narator
  • Vasja Stanković - dramaturgy
  • Stevan Golubović - programing