Regional cooperation

Partnerships, joint and mobility activities within the wider region of South-East Europe are a particularly important and prominent part of international cooperation. This is the reason why our special emphasis lay on the cooperation with partners from the neighbouring countries – Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Albania, Macedonia, Hungary and Slovenia.

Since 2012, the Center for the Promotion of Science has participated in partner activities, joint projects and the development of a wider regional positioning of science communication, and support to scientific culture and literacy within the region. The Center’s mobile teams participated and presented programs developed by CPN at significant science festivals organised in cities of Banja Luka, Zagreb, Podgorica, Tivat, Trebinje, Rijeka, Koprivnica and Skopje, as well as in other smaller cities and at many different events.

An excellent relation was also established within the RRI Tools project, where the Center managed and coordinated activities in five countries in the region. In this context, a valuable collaboration has been achieved with national and entity ministries, whose responsibilities and purpose is to set, manage, and evaluate science and technology policy, in Montenegro, Croatia and Albania, as well as in both B&H entities. The same can be said about the joint programs developed with universities in Rijeka, Koprivnica, Vlore, Tirana and Banja Luka, and also with similar organizations and partners in Zagreb, Sarajevo, Mostar and Podgorica.

Finally, we have established partnerships through direct communication with regional stakeholders and professionals during events like the grand regional SciProm Conference in 2013, and by participating in a series of other joint activities.